About Me

My journey to this place started when I was a child. As most children do, I loved creating and crafting, something my mom encouraged. She was a weaver (and is now teaching my daughter her craft), but as a child and teenager I was more interested in smaller detailed crafts such as beading, wire-wrapping, embroidery and pen and ink drawing. As I got older, though I loved art and even took a few art classes in college, my real passion moved to writing and literature. I decided to follow in my dad’s footsteps and became a High School English teacher. I married and over the following years raised three daughters. Being a mom and teacher pretty much put a stop to my artistic life.

Something that never left me during this time was a love of rocks. This love is something I've passed on to my daughters and now grandchildren. Even as a child I had rocks everywhere: in my pockets, on my window sills, collected in boxes. I still do! There is such mystery in every stone, secrets waiting to be found. I think this is what drew me back to making jewelry when I realized I had to create with my hands again. I began with beading and wire-wrapping, mainly using semi-precious stones and beads. Then I took a basic metal-smithing class and was totally hooked. I am now passionate about the process of metal-smithing, and about using my designs to unlock those secret stories that stones - and metals - have within. 

I have also discovered a way to connect my love for writing with my love for creating jewelry. Please visit my blog to enjoy short stories, possibly a poem or two, and a mixture of more traditional blog posts as well. The stories will all be inspired by or feature a piece of jewelry that I have created and that may be for sale in my shop.

I hope you enjoy browsing my shop, my gallery and my blog. I'd love to hear from you with any comments and feedback.