Hammered Copper Stacking Ring, Skinny Ring



Compliment your bangles with a matching stacking ring, or two or three!  These skinny stacking rings are made of copper, and are hammered into the same three textures that I offer for my copper bangles: Traditional Hammer, Cross Hammer, and Gentle Hammer.

Your ring will come to you polished and bright, with a waxed surface. The wax will keep it bright for a while, but over time the wax will wear off and the copper will naturally darken. If you prefer the new look of copper, a simple method of removing patina is to rub ketchup on it, and then polish up with a jewelry polishing cloth. Always wash after using a polishing cloth.

SIZE: I use the same thickness of wire (12 gauge) that I use for my bangles. This is approximately 2mm.  Thinner rings (14 gauge - 1.6mm) is an option – let me know in a note with your order if you prefer a thinner ring.
Your ring(s) will be custom made to your order; please specify size when ordering. If you do not see your size offered, or if you would prefer ordering with mm (inside circumference) please select the closest size and include a note with the size you would like.

This is an original piece of jewelry designed and handcrafted by Barbara Kay Bureker. All work and images ©2014-2023 by Barbara Kay Jewelry.