Snowflake Obsidian Necklace with Czech Glass



This semi-precious stone and Czech glass necklace features two Snowflake Obsidien beads in the front. The necklace is strung with opalescent green and black Czech glass beads. Copper bead caps and wire adds warmth. The S hook is also copper.

Imagine the northern sky at night. The stars are just coming out and suddenly, the sky shimmers with green glowing streaks. The Aurora Borealis - one of those incredible sights that you will never forget once you've seen it. This necklace tries to capture a bit of that beauty through the opalescent glow of the green Czech glass beads against the snowflake obsidian and black beads.

SIZE: The necklace is 18". The drop in front hangs 2" below the necklace. The closure is a copper hook.

PROPERTIES OF STONES: Obsidian is truth-enhancing; it's highly protective and shields the wearer from negative influences. It also draws out mental stress and tension, stimulating growth and encouraging exploration of the unknown.

This is an original piece of jewelry designed and handcrafted by Barbara Kay Bureker. All work and images ©2014-2021 by Barbara Kay Jewelry.