Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Necklace with Spiny Oyster



This necklace features American Turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona and the Lone Mountain mine in Nevada. Orange Spiny Oyster shell beads complement the color of the turquoise.

The turquoise nuggets were chosen for their robin's egg blue color. The larger nugget in the center is from the Lone Mountain mine in Nevada. The smaller nuggets are from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona, as are the small round beads. Sleeping Beauty turquoise is highly prized for its blue color and the fact that it has little or no matrix. Turquoise from the Lone Mountain mine has the same gorgeous blue color. The spiny oyster beads are smooth rondelles and are a wonderful bright orange with some white swirled around. I've been told that the higher up the oysters live, the more orange the shell. The deeper in the sea they are, the more purple the shell.

The turquoise nuggets and shell beads are all natural. The small round Sleeping Beauty beads are stabilized for strength, as their small size would make them too vulnerable if left unstabilized. They are not dyed.

I just love the color combination of blue and orange; they're my very favorite complementary colors on the color wheel. And what better way to use those colors than the traditional pairing of turquoise and spiny oyster shell beads! And... what better name for this fun and yet so elegant necklace than Cirque de Turquoise!

SIZE: 20" with just over 2" of sterling silver extender chain

PROPERTIES OF STONES: Turquoise is sacred to both Native American and Oriental traditions. It is said to help promote honest and clear communication. Spiny oyster shell carries the energies of the water, and brings comfort and peace of mind.

This is an original piece of jewelry handcrafted by Barbara Kay Bureker. All work and images ©2014-2021 by Barbara Kay Jewelry.