Long Kyanite Bronze Drop Earrings



There is something exotic about the combination of kyanite and bronze that I just love. These are simple drop earrings that can be as elegant as you'd like to be but can also look great with a pair of jeans. They are made of bronze wire, which as been hammered flat at the bottom to hold the beads. I added a bronze spacer bead on both sides of the flat oval kyanite bead. The ear wires are sterling silver.

SIZE: These earrings hang just a bit shorter than 2 inches.

PROPERTIES OF STONES (information compiled from numerous sources): Kyanite is a crystal of connection and communication. It is said to have a calming effect, driving away anger, frustration, confusion and stress.

This is an original piece of jewelry designed and handcrafted by Barbara Kay Bureker. All work and images ©2014-2018 by Barbara Kay Jewelry.