Metalsmithing Course Materials Kit



This materials kit is designed for people taking my Beginning Metalsmithing course. It includes all sheet metal and wire needed to complete the course, as well as Hard, Medium and Easy solder pallions (chips), Hard solder wire, and a cabochon. All items will be clearly marked and protected when you receive them.

I am selling this kit at my cost, plus shipping. I would ask you to select Priority Mail (if you're given a choice you can select Flat Rate small box) when you check out so that you receive this in a timely manner. Although you can buy all of the items on your own, you will have to buy larger quantities at a time. Purchasing this kit will give you what you need for this course while you decide what you most want to work with when you have finished the course. The solder pallions and possibly wire will last for much longer than the course.

This is what the kid includes:

4 2x3" pieces Copper sheet 22 gauge
3 2x3" pieces Copper sheet 20 gauge
1 2x3" piece Copper sheet 18 gauge
1 2x3" piece Brass sheet 22 gauge
18" 28 gauge Copper bezel wire
24" 18 gauge round Copper wire
18" 16 gauge round Copper wire
18" 18 gauge round Brass wire
24" 21 gauge half hard Sterling Silver wire
Small package Easy solder pallions (chips)
Small package Medium solder pallions (chips)
Small package Hard solder pallions (chips)
8" Hard solder wire
Oval cabochon - random choice of an agate or jasper  - please note that the cabochon you receive will not look like the one in the picture.